Sunday, October 3, 2010

2nd Anniversary


Yesterday (3rd October) was my 2nd wedding anniversary...Once again I feel in love again with him...not because of the anniversary but due to his act.  I was down these few days but one day he came home and brought kerepek pisang, roti  canai and muruku..The three Malaysian delicacies that I love so much!!.I was so surprise because I never thought he still remember ..Hehehe..funny huh...simple act can bring so much joy to some people..That's what we call love...Thanks Lord for giving me such a loving husband.   He hardly say he love me but I know from his two lovely eyes, he really loves me..Happy Anniversary my dear ! .

Here are some shots taken at After Three,Miri ....

 My prince Noel and his daddy....Do they look alike?
Noel with his mummy('s me)
 Tada...this is my lovely princess....
 Again...Noel and his ddy....
Mummy2x....I'm hungry

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miri mode


I'm in Miri now. My husband got a new job at one of the palm oil company and I request for a transfer. Thanks God everything went smoothly except for babysitter for my 2 lil angels...Oh ya,,I just give birth to a lovely, healthy and cute baby girl on 19th August 2010 whom we named as Chris Gabriella Trusar ( will blog more about here in next post). 

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm back!!!


I"m back.....huhuhu..I'm quite busy with my new job..adapting myself to the new working environment which I found very interesting and I can relax a little are some updates on my Chrisses family;

DS, baby noel is 1 year 1 month now....still learning on his walking skills, however he can climb up and down the sofa, staircase, cupboard and everything that he can reach.  He also can say mummy, abak ( daddy in iban) and a few bidayuh words..huh...i also wonder, when did his daddy teach him to speak bidayuh...Noel is a  talkative child, he will only stop talking when he's sleeping, sometime he even talks while sleeping...He love fish, eggs, cheese & chocolates!!  The best thing that he can sleep without "Uyut (baby cradle) anymore!! Yes...bravo..bravo my more sleepless nite for mummy & daddy...Now he can sleep by his own...The sad thing is that I have to give him formula as I'm pregnant right now.. Due to that my milk production is decreasing day by day...huhuhu..It's the most painful feeling that I ever encounter....telling you the truth....I cried at night, blaming myself for not breastfeeding Noel anymore...It's hurt me when I gave him formula, he keep on searching for my breast....Mummy so sorry Noel...Thanks Lord, he gave me a wonderful husband whose keep  on comforting me day by day by saying that it's normal phase. True enough after a few months I recover back..opps...back to the topic again...Lastly...I'm proud to say that Noel is a green baby. He has been using cloth diaper for almost a year now...He only wore dispo when he is sick because some of the medicine can left stain to the diaper....Mummy sayang the cds bah...hehehe..Morever, I've been stop using baby wipes for an half of year already.....hehehe.....

DH almost complete his study . I'm proud of him. despite of tiredness taking care both Noel and pregnant mom(me), he still can do well in his study..He passes almost of his subjects with flying colours...hehehe...Besides that, he is a very helpful husband. He can do almost everything a wife can do except cooking!!! 

Me, myself & I. Currently, I'm pregnant 5 months...I'm taking Fr Joseph Chai advise not to scan the gender of the baby..The reason why is...I don't want to frustate myself if the results is not as what I expected. Let it be girl or boy I will love him or her as what he or he is...hehehe.....I'm so excited, a lot of things is in my wish list...especially diaper!!! Currently I've 17 pcs of one size diaper, 4 AIO & 2 fitted diaper. I still need to top up another 27 pieces in order to make it 50 pcs ( my ideal number of cds for my noel & expected baby).  Guess what..I'm planning to use flats which also known as lampin tradisional in Malay...with diaper cover (am planning to get thristies!! after reading a positive reviews about it) & snappies during the fews weeks of the confinement until my baby can fit the one size diaper..huhuhu..back to basics!!  Lets us preserve our mother nature for a better living...I will update you guys on my cloth diaper addiction in my next post...hehehe....

See ya.......

Monday, November 9, 2009

Baby Snowdrop Give Away...


While surfing one of my favourite blog, I came across one attractive giveaway. I never wear a clothpad before but planning to get some in a near future. I've been fully cding my little prince. Now it's my turn to make the earth baby come from a green mummy..So guys...why don't you also give a try..For more details on this giveaway please click this link..

Monday, October 19, 2009

Breast Pumps Review


Here are my reviews on the breast pumps that I had used.

Pureen Manual Breast Pump

This is the first breastpump that I bought, Pureen Manual Breast pump. I bought it before I gave birth to little Noel. I like this pump. Despite of it cheap price, its'  really meet my needs. It's handy, easy to assemble and reassemble, easy to clean ( as it only has a few parts- if I not mistaken it only has 5 parts) and only cost RM17!!.The cheapest manual breast pump in the market. Per session of pumping I can get 8-12oz of EBM. I used it until was Noel 3 months plus .  Despite of negative review that I've read about it, I've no problem using it. No pain and very comfortable.  However, due to some of hygienic purpose I change to Medela harmony which I've been using until now.

Pureen Batery Operated Breastpump - AC/ADC inlet

This is Pureen Batery Operated Breastpump. My husband bought it 2 days before I return to work as encouragement for me. He bought it for RM 157.00 ( which I think is quite expensive). Performance wise, oklah.. I don't really like it because it produce sound like enjin rumput.hehehe..sorry doesn't mean that I don't appreciate your gift...actually I'm so grateful to have a supportive husband like you..hehehe...yalah...I save your pocket from buying formula milk...I only use this pump at home while nursing Noel at the other side of my breast. Suprisingly, sometimes I can express until 8 oz of EBM.

Pureen Manual Breast Pump

This is another Pureen Manual Breastpump that I bought for spare.  If I not mistaken I bought it for Rm20+. The most that I can express using this pump is 2 oz!! Haih....I hate to say this...I don't really like this  pump. Its doesn't work for me. However, I ever read positive comment about this pump. I think not all pumps work for me...hehehe

Tada..........this is my favourite!!

My favourite among all of my breastpump - Medela Harmony

 This is my favourite pump which I bought through bidding at I bought it only for RM77!! and it's a brand new pump!! Market price is RM249.90. That's why I love ebay. We can get quality product at a bargain price.  As a manual pump, it’s definitely cheaper than electric pump. However the performance is as good as electric pump. It’s efficient and powerful, whereby it has 2 pattern pumping system and great for maximizing milk flow. Besides that it easy to use( user friendly design). You can nurse your little one while pumping since its unique feature is the swivel handle. You can rotate the swivel handle until you find the comfortable position. I ever read that some working mothers who were stuck in the traffic jam use it discreetly in the car since it can be used left handed!! Sik berani aku coba eh…It produce no sound at all compare to my other breast pumps. Besides that you can use it anywhere, no plugging, no messing around with tube and no need to look around for place to set your electric pump. It’s easy to clean as it also has few parts – flange, body and valve. One more thing that I like about this pump is it’s gentle to your breast. A comfortable Soft-Fit breast shield is included to softly massage the breast while you pump. The most important is it is made from a kind of plastic that is less likely to leach any dangerous chemicals, All parts that come into contact with breast milk at claimed to be 100% BPA/DEHP free!!

Breast Milk Booster


Here are some of the milk booster that might be useful for breastfeeding mother;

1. Drink plenty of water ( min 8 glasses per day)

2. Breastfeeding Milk i.e Anmum

3. Fruits – i.e Lychee

4. Vegetables – Cabbage, Carrot, Kailan, Mustard Green, Bittergourd, Spinach ,White Radish & Banana Flower Bud (Jantung Pisang)

5. Soya bean i.e. Mililea Organic Soya Bean

6. Oat + Horlick/Milk

7. Herbs – Fenugreek(halba), Habas Sauda ( Jintan Hitam), Asparagus Recemos ( Shatavari) & Milk Thistle

8. Dried Longan

9. Spirulina

10. Water Chestnut

11. Honey ( Madu Lebah)

12. to be added from time to time..hehehe….

Tips for Pumping Breast Milk


Pumping breast milk should not be a pain or a chore. It should be a lovely and pleasant experience. As it is the way to show your love to your little one. For me it’s a wonderful experience. Bringing back the breastmilk from office to my little one is the most wonderful experience I ever have. I bet all of the breastfeeding mother will be agree with me. I am proud to be a breastfeeding mother as I know I’m giving the best to him.

Here are some easy tips to increase the amount of milk, make pumping easier and generally help you in your pumping.

1. Selection of pump. Selection of the right pump is very important. Make sure that the pump that you have selected will meet your need. The mother who will need to pump only occasionally (i.e. stay at home mother) has very different needs than the mother who pumps several time a day (i.e. working mother). There are several types of pumps in the market such as manual pump, electric pump and battery operated pump.

2. Getting started. It’s advisable to start pumping a couple of weeks before returning to work. The best way is to pump on one side while your baby is nursing at the other side. This will create faster let down and allow you to create an emergency supply.

3. Increasing Supply. Pump more frequently rather than for longer periods. Instead of pumping twice during your day for long periods of time, try pumping three or four shorter periods. Pumping both breasts at the same time can help.

4. Don’t skip your pumping session. Skipping a pumping session can have a negative effect on your milk supply. Our body has a biological clock, if you skip a session your body will assume that you no longer needed the supply. Pumping even for a few minutes can still be beneficial if you don’t have the time.

5. Weekends & Holidays. Use this time for exclusive nursing. It will help to keep your milk supply abundant as well as promote bonding between you and you little. However, it’s advisable not to skip your pumping session. By skipping a session it will affect your milk supply.

6. Baby Love. We all know that it’s easier to feed the baby than pumping because it create faster let down. If the let down is a problem for you while pumping, try viewing photos of your baby while pumping. For i.e tape recorded the coos and gurgles of your baby and listen to it during your pumping session. This will create faster let down.

7. No pumps. Expressing breast milk does not require pump. Many moms do just fine with hand expression. Though very few will be able to use this technique for working, but it works quite nicely for an occasional need for expressed milk and costs very little if anything.

Hope the above information will help…